Top Internet Marketers have received big checks for doing a teleseminar with Brian.  Now it’s YOUR turn.

Internet Marketers, Deliver Great Content to Your List
(And Make Some Seriously Easy Cash)

Hello.  I’m Brian Bagnall.  I’m well known as the Facebook Social Ads guy, and someone who makes understanding Social Ads EASY for people.  I can bring that talent to you and your list, too, and give you a BIG CHECK as my way of saying Thank You.

Here’s how…

I have designed a teleseminar that teaches “7 Simple Facebook Social Ad Secrets”.  It’s some really fantastic content that will help your list make thousands of dollars in extra sales using Facebook Social Ads.  And it compels the listeners to buy — on average about 25% of those on the call.

That’s not a type, and sometimes it’s higher.

In fact, the number are extremely consistent — so much so that I can predict within a few hundred dollars how much you’ll make in affiliate commissions on your first check if you just tell me how many people you think you’ll get on the call.

100 Attendees = $1,600.50
250 Attendees = $4,001.25
400 Attendees = $6,402.00

How many can you get to show up to a free call?

Are We a Good Match?

Are we a good match?  Do our businesses complement each other?  Chances are, they do.

If you’ve got a list that’s doing PPC advertising anywhere on the internet right now (AdWords, Overture, MSN, etc.)…
Then I can get them more sales via Facebook Social Ads and show them how to increase conversions and sales for all of their PPC campaigns.  This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’ve got a list that’s full of NEWBIES…
… Then we can but the technical struggle out of their lives and eliminate the pain of getting their first Facebook Social Ad account up and getting sales for them.

If you’ve got a list of EXPERTS…
… Then we’ll be helping them get more sales with less effort.  Plus, they’ll do it at a much higher conversion rate than before.  They’ll love the time-savings, and thank you for it.

It’s Stupid-Easy

Okay, so by now you know if this teleseminar is a good match for your list.  What does it take to get started?

Well not only will you get a big check with this teleseminar, but you’ll find that you do almost nothing to get it.  That’s because there are just three steps to this process for you.

1. Get people on the call
2. Read the words next to your name on the script I’ll send you
3. Collect your check

I’ll give you the broadcasts to send out to your list.  I’ll run the whole teleseminar.  I’ll write you a script.  I’ll build a website for you for the event.  I’ll record the call.  I’ll post a replay to the call.  I’ll market the replay.  I’ll send you two emails to pop into your autoresponder so you can make money with this webinar forever.

And I’ll keep sending you checks.

Month after month.

The Offer

The offer we make on this teleseminar is for a $117 product, but built into the offer are these compelling features:

  • An instant savings of $20 for those who buy the day of the call.
  • Another urgency incentive to get people to buy off the replay in the first week.
  • An immediate upsell for another $50 item (which about a third of all buyers get)
  • A bump to a $47/month coaching program, that you get a third of each and every month.

So not only are you paid on the initial sale, you get paid on the bump, the upsell, the recurring membership, and more.


Yes, because everyone you send gets tagged as an affiliate of yours, and just about everything I offer pays a commission back to you.  You’ll be making even more in affiliate commissions, without lifting a finger.

Besides Money, the MOST Important Thing

I value my business and personal relationships with my JV partners, and I realize that money can come and go, but your reputation is precious to you.  Once you betray someone’s trust, you can never earn it back.

That’s why it’s my number on goal — beyond selling to the people you bring to the webinar — is to preserve and enchance your relationship with your list.  I’ll take care of your referrals, give them stellar customer service, and make sure they’re thrilled with you whether they buy or not!

Chances are, you’ll get thank-you emails from your list from people who attended the call.  It’s truly all about the content.  However, woven into the webinar is some scientifically designed persuasion techniques to get people to buy, and buy quickly, before the webinar even ends.

I’ve got a long list of very happy JV partners.  You can call or write any one of them and ask them about their experience with my SEIMAR NAME teleseminar.

They’ll tell you that it was easy and profitable.

Apply here to host a “Stupid-Easy” teleseminar with me right here.  I’ll work hard to find a time to schedule our teleseminar together.


What Can I Do for You?

JV partnerships are not one-way deals.  If our lists match, then I want to help promote your products, too.  I’ve got an active list of people looking to find ways to earn more money online.  If you can help them, then maybe I can help you.

If you’ve got an affiliate program for your internet marketing information, let me know about it, and we’ll get both deals done at once.  Just check the “JV for Me, too!” button on the Application form, and we’ll begin by talking about how I can promote YOU.

Ready to Host a Teleseminar with Brian?

Great!  I’m thrilled you want to join my JV team.  Fill out the form on this page, and my Affiliate Manager will contact you to see if your list matches the goals of the webinar.  If it does, and you think you can get enough people on the call, then we’ll get it on the calendar at our earliest opening.

Apply Here

I’m thrilled to have you on board.  Sign up now, and let’s get you a stupid-easy, Crazy Huge check!

Brian Bagnall

P.S. Interested in going these teleseminars for your own list?  If you are, let’s talk.  I may be able to help you get it done.