Making Yourself Bleed… On Purpose

Last Sunday night, I stopped into a local bar that serves up a pretty good burger.

I get fidgety waiting for my food when I’m alone, so I brought in a pad of paper with the intention of redesigning my marketing funnel and putting together a marketing calendar (more about these two things in a future post).

I then started to think about all of the emails and blog posts I’ll have to write to keep my list posted on everything that’s going to be going on.

I got overwhelmed.

You see, I never LIKED to write.  I still don’t to an extent.  Wanna know why?

I’m a VERY private person by nature.  I don’t like to talk about myself much… good or bad.  Here’s a good example: My Dad was sick for many years… probably around 5 years.

In that time, I never told anyone (besides my girlfriend) that he was dying.  Nobody.  I prefer to deal with things on my own.

But, if you really want to connect with your customers and set yourself apart from your competition, you need to write to them.  You need to cut yourself and bleed.  Not literally, of course.  But you really need to tell people what you’re about… the good… the bad… and the ugly.  You need to be human.

Writing and connecting with your customers is just one of those things that you need to do as a marketer.  And it’s a lot easier to write when you actually ENJOY writing.

So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been making it a habit to write something at least once a day.  Whether it be an email message, a blog post, an autoresponder message or a sales letter.

So I begrudgingly started writing down things to talk about with my list (things that are going on in my life that relate to business, bad customer stories, business pitfalls and cycles that I went through on my way up, etc.)

In about 15 minutes, I filled up the 8.5″ x 11″ page… front and back.  That list will keep me busy for at least a few months.

Flash forward a few days.

This past Tuesday, I was doing a teleseminar with my friend John Fancher and I told him the same story.  After the call, John sent me a list of 99 things I could write about.  It’s called: 99 Questions to Jump Start Your AR Brain.

The list is awesome!  This list gave me a bunch of other ideas.  I’ve arranged for John to give you a copy as well.

You can get it for FREE here:

99 Questions to Jump Start Your Autoresponder Brain

Here’s a few examples of the ideas included:

  • What lies are told in your industry?
  • Have you ever fired a customer?
  • What’s the most outrageous guarantee you can make?
  • How did you land your first customer?

Get the other 95 questions for free here:

99 Questions to Jump Start Your Autoresponder Brain

I’m going to be doing a teleseminar with John on May 17th about Email & Autoresponders so mark your calendars!  It’s going to be a blast!