Gladiator Club

Gladiator Club includes ongoing, live participation in the calls, hot seats, MP3’s and transcripts.  Whether you want to listen or read later, or jump on the call and get some hot seat space, you get continuous updates.

Here’s what you get:

  • Priority Consideration into one of Brian’s future international Mastermind Coaching Programs.  As you are probably aware, there is a long waiting list to get into one of Brian’s groups.  Gladitor Members will be placed at the ‘head-of-the-line’ for any openings that might develop.  Value: PRICELESS!!
  • Three 2-day seminars, led by Brian with group exercises, marketing-related discussions, ‘hot seats’ and more.
  • Bonus 3rd-Day to ‘one’ of the seminars that will consist of roundtables with a Roundtable member to provide a true mastermind experience.
  • Million Dollar Resource Directory: As an extra added value of being a Gladiator Club Member, you also receive a listing in the Million Dollar Resource Directory (up to 200 words).  We reserve the right to edit or refuse inappropriate listings.  Listings are only for active members of our Coaching Groups.
  • OPTIONAL ability to schedule a ‘One-On-One LAZER’ Focused 3-Hour Consultation with Brian to work on YOUR Business the day before or after Group Seminars.  One-On-One LAZER Focused Consulting is ONLY available to Gladiator Members or Roundtable Members for a discounted additional fee.
  • The Gladiator Club PLUS group is an upgraded level for a slightly increased fee.  With this upgrade you receive a BONUS Evening Session with Brian.  Each meeting you will attend a special 2-hour session dedicated to latest discoveries and “What’s Working” in Marketing today.  There you will discuss new marketing discoveries and breakthroughs, as well as an opportunity to get your own questions answered about your marketing.
  • Video recordings of both live weekend meetings. We’re going to be covering a ton of material at each of these meetings. And big ideas, licensing opportunities, potential partnerships and much more will keep the room rocking.I know you’ll be taking a ton of notes, but I don’t want to leave anything to chance, so I’ll have a video crew capturing every minute of both weekends. About two weeks after each event, you’ll receive the DVDs of these events in the mail. They’ll be fully indexed so any time you want to review any material, just check the index then pick the appropriate DVD and watch it on your television or computer.

People constantly ask me when I’m going to do a seminar.

I always tell them, I don’t know. “Maybe someday.” They are a huge pain in the ass to pull off. Plus I have many frustrations with the traditional seminar model.

There are two things I greatly dislike about it, and these two actually go hand in hand. First, it takes a Hurculean effort to fill a seminar in the first place – it’s very expensive to promote which means if you’re going to make any money, you and/or your speakers have to sell a lot of stuff to people once they get there.

That turns the seminar into a dog & pony show. You have a parade of speakers, each “singing for their supper” so to speak, so what the audience gets is a montage of 90 minute, content-lite talks laced with cheeky advice. Bluntly, there’s a tension between teaching and selling – which I hate. Speakers have to “withhold information” in order to get paid. Sometimes people can feel like they didn’t get what they plunked down their money to get.

There’s a third problem with seminars – that there’s usually little or no follow-up to make sure the ideas stick and get implemented. Bottom line is, what a lot of people get out of a seminar is a $3000-$4000 head rush and a few new friends, but little implementation and little progress.

Problem #4 – this is the biggest problem – people come with such vast range of knowledge levels it’s impossible to deliver contact that makes everybody happy.

Problem #5 – Sure, networking and business-card swapping with other badge-wearing seminar attendees is great and all, but you know what you really need? You need a real community. There’s a big difference between seeing some guy or gal at a seminar once and getting their email address, vs. seeing them on a regular basis and forming a deep partnership and friendship that’s mutually productive for years.

Gladiator Club is my solution to all these problems.

Gladiator Club is for current and past students of my Real Estate Tycoon coaching program, people who understand the Brian Bagnall system for success. It’s for people who are mastering or have already mastered the basics so that the real discovery and magic can begin. Gladiator Club meets for two days, three times per year in Chicago and the best and brightest minds in my sphere of influence sharpen each other. It’s not a seminar, it’s a high-level forum where we embrace the state-of-the-art not only in technology but in its application to the most challenging of problems and opportunities.

In between meetings, Gladiator Club members get ongoing coaching and personal assistance via teleseminar Team Action Groups, 1-on-1 consultations and live updates.

Gladiator Club provides:

  • Reports from ultra-successful students about exactly what they’re doing and why it’s working – things that no sane person would share in an “open to the public” seminar environment. You get the inside story.
  • In-Depth hot-seats where designated club members take the stand and I an the entire group tears apart their business and puts it back together, live, in real-time.
  • Adventures in Brian’s Swipe File – because of the many critiques and consultations I perform, I’m privy to the inner workings of hundreds of businesses and from time to time I make fascinating observations. Gladiator Club is a place where I can share things with you that simply are not for public consumption.
  • Brian Bagnall, Armchair Philosopher – Much of what you find in the self-help section of the bookstore is secretly designed to turn you into a mark for con men. (Think of the desperate, platitude-spouting motivational speaker wanna-be in the movie “Little Miss Sunshine.”) The reality of what makes successful people tick is usually much more obscure and less politically correct. I’m generally pretty reserved about my personal views on things, but Gladiator Club is a place where I call things like I see ’em. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Gladiator Club membership is $997 per month and it’s free during the Bobsled Run. The first Gladiator Gathering is October 6-7 so you’ll meet your fellow students in person and we’ll greatly accelerate the pace of your discovery and progress. Then we will meet again JANUARY and JUNE. It kicks in automatically after the Bobsled Run is over and you can cancel at any time – but I’m betting you won’t want to.