A Story: From the Mouth of Our Clients

From One of Our Happy Clients:

Why My Story Will Inspire You… And How, After Years of Dreaming, I Was Finally Able to Become a Homeowner

If you’ve been renting for your entire life, you’re probably going through a lot of the same things I went through.  Paying hundreds or even thousands a month for rent with nothing to show for it, dealing with greedy landlords, loud neighbors, no freedom to paint or decorate what I wanted…

And if you are at all like I was, you probably feel like you’ll be renting forever because of bad credit, no cash, and no one seems like they’re willing to give you a chance.

But, let me tell you there is a way to become a home owner even with bad or no credit, and very little money to put down!!

My name is Brian Bagnall and like so many other people, I spent years dreaming of owning my own home for my family, yet was basically laughed at every time I talked to real estate agents, banks, or sometimes even my friends when I told them what I wanted to do.

It never made any sense to me.  I was a hard-worked and always had a job.  If it wasn’t for a couple student loans and medical bills, I would probably have had perfect credit.  But, unfortunately I lived in a small town where I wanted to be near my family, and there just weren’t as many lucrative jobs as I thought.

The inevitable started to happen.

I settled a bit and took the first job that would hire me, which is fine because they actually ended up being a great place to work for.  But, the pay wasn’t too great, and eventually my bills became so high that my weekly paycheck was just barely covering them.

A few years later, I fell in love and started a family.  Of course, we needed to rent a bigger place which meant even more money was being spent.  Pretty soon, we were spending more than we could even afford.  It’s not like we were living super fancy lifestyles, all our money was going toward rent, food, gas, clothes, etc.  But when it all became too much we had to get a couple credit cards just to put food on the table.  Before I knew it, we were digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole every single week, with no signs that it would ever end.

I knew we had to make a change, and knew that if something didn’t change quickly we would be stuck in the same vicious cycle for the rest of our lives.

Luckily, I had 1 friend from High School who was doing very well for himself.  He had a nice car, nice clothes, and always seemed so happy.  I respected him and his advice since he had been working several years for a bank.  I asked him how he could afford all those nice things and he helped me set up my very first “budget.”  Once I could clearly see on paper where my money was going, and how nothing at all was being saved, the light bulb went off.  He also told me that one of his primary investments was his own home.  Each month he would make a payment (that was smaller than my rent!) and part of that payment would go towards the ownership of that home.

I was convinced that I too needed to become a homeowner, not just for the financial savings but to be a good provider for my family, to give us more space and privacy, and also to give us a greater sense of pride and establishment in our community.

However, I had bruised credit, and not much money to put down.  My wife and I spent weeks talking to different real estate agents, banks, and money lenders and nobody was willing to give us a chance.  We couldn’t qualify for a home-mortgage with our credit, and definitely didn’t have 10% to put down.

So I spent months saving every penny I could, talking to every lender, bank or Realtor I could to see if anyone would give me a shot.  I looked at dozens of houses and found several that I would like, but each time I was given the same answer.  I just couldn’t qualify.

Eventually I had saved up just a little bit, enough to qualify for a very modest home, but at least it was something.  The person at the bank who I had been talking to for months told me that I would qualify for a mortgage this time, and that we just needed to process the paperwork.

I made an offer on the house and it was accepted.  Things were looking great!  But after at least a month of hearing that everything was fine, one day the person at the bank called me and said that the banks had changed their politics, and that I would no longer qualify for the mortgage.


This was a devastating moment for me and I had all but given up.  I did everything they said to do, settled on a house I didn’t even really want, and saved every penny I possibly could and it still wasn’t enough.  I had been a hard-worker my entire life but it seemed I could never reach my dreams of home ownership.

Then, One Day I Stumbled Across a Solution that Seemed Too Good to Be True

I found these guys on the internet who said they could help me own a home, even with very little money down, and bad credit!  Best of all, they said that I would have dozens of homes in my local area to choose form!!

I had never heard of it before and because of my recent experiences, I was initially a little dubious.  But after reading some extremely complimentary reviews and learning that it was free to try, I decided to give it a shot.

What seemed to be so different with this program was that you don’t need to qualify for the mortgage right away, in fact you can move into the house and the rent that you’re paying gets applied toward your down payment! So you don’t need a lot of money to move in, and a portion of what you’re paying in rent every month can be applied towards the home.  Plus, even if you have bad credit it’s ok because they give you tools, time, and patience to work through while you still get to enjoy all the benefits of being a home-owner!!

Plus, They Told Me About a Free Government Program that Gives You Up to $7,500 in Free Money to Use Towards Buying a Home!!

I have to say, that I was very skeptical through the entire process.  After being told “no” by so many people, it didn’t make sense to me that these guys knew of a way to buy a house that nobody else did.

And truthfully, I did have to work a bit to get that $7,500 in free money… it’s actually a savings program that they set up for you.  For every $1 that you put into a savings, the US government will give you $4 that you can use to purchase a new house!  So, I still had to keep working hard and saving my money as best as I could, but it was all well worth it when at the end of just 1 year, the government gave me a huge check, the landlord gave me a check, and I was able to stay in the house I had already been living in, only now I was the owner!!

In my opinion, these guys are truly miracle workers.  Like I said, I was very skeptical the entire time and didn’t even really believe it until they were handing me the keys.  I know everyone’s situation is different, but believe