Testimonials from Happy Buyers

“We had a wonderful experience working with Brian. He was very open and honest about everything so that there weren’t any surprises when we finally purchased our home. We would definitely recommend Bagnall & Associates to both friends and family.”
Roger & Alicia Jennings
Charlotte, NC
February 9, 2007

“Brian sold us a much needed home. I found him very friendly and would gladly recommend him to anyone!”
James & Callie Calloway
Charlotte, NC
January 15, 2007

“My husband and I had moved from one rental home to another over the years. We had credit problems that prevented us from buying through a bank, but we’d still spend our weekends driving around subdivisions in neighborhoods that we could only dream of living one day. One weekend we happened upon a sign that said “Owner Financing.” We immediately called the number and were told about the website. Well, we found the home of our dreams on those pages and amazingly enough, it was just a few dollars more than our current rent! The people there worked with us on the deposit and allowed us to move in earlier than scheduled so we could spend Christmas at our new home. I would recommend anyone who wants to purchase a home with no hassle to check out Bagnall & Associates. We’re happier than we’ve ever been. The neighborhood is beautiful. We’ve already made fast friends with several residents and the entire process was a wonderful experience.”
Will & Kelly Marston
Matthews, NC
January 3, 2007

“Our dealings with Brian have been extremely positive over the last 3 years. When attention to problems were required, it was handled in a timely manner.”
Steve Fair
Charlotte, NC
December 29, 2006

“Our experience with Bagnall & Associates and Brian were wonderful. They helped us to get into a home that I never thought would happen. But it did happen and we were so happy! Thank you very much for everything. Anyone that chooses Bagnall & Associates sure will be happy with them. Thanks!”
Gregory McShane
Chicago, IL
December 10, 2006

“Our experience with Bagnall & Associates was a wonderful experience. We appreciate the time and patience of Mr. Brian Bagnall has for us. We had situations that occurred that would have stopped us from getting the house. By Brian being a caring and considerate person, he worked with us. We believe that if it was anyone else, or another company, that person would have given up on us and moved to the next person. With the kindness and patience Brian had for us, I will refer people to come to Bagnall & Associates if they are wanting to buy a house because they understand when situations do happen. This meant a lot.”
Cam Lester
Schaumburg, IL
November 24, 2006

“This program is great for people like us that had credit problems but good rental history. And would like to own their own home without having to pay a huge down payment. And have time to bring their credit back into good standing. Thanks again.”
Jerry Bogan
Bensenville, IL
November 2, 2006

“I was satisfied with the service and treatment I received from Bagnall & Associates. I found the service easy, quick and pleasant. The people I dealt with at Bagnall & Associates were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Buying from Bagnall & Associates allowed me to purchase a home even after I had allowed my credit to become damaged. Without hassles, (the process) was very straightforward. Using Bagnall & Associates is an excellent way for a lot of people to purchase a home. A great chance to reach for that 2nd even 3rd chance.”
Dolores Ryan
Belmont, NC
October 30, 2006

“This letter is in response to your request for feedback on the service that we received from Bagnall & Associates when we bought our home. We were satisfied with the service and treatment that we received. The people we dealt with at Bagnall & Associates were friendly and very helpful. We have always wanted a home in Grayslake. Our kids love it here and the neighborhood is quiet. The process was very fast. I would recommend Bagnall & Associates to my friends/family.”
William Goduto
Grayslake, IL
September 22, 2006

“We would like to thank Brian for all of his help in assisting us with our new home. Finally! We have been looking forward to one day the possibility of owning instead of renting and this program offers this reality as well as the opportunity to one day finance our home on our own. I strongly recommend Bagnall & Associates and especially Brian to anyone who would like the same opportunity. It truly is going to be a wonderful Christmas this year. Thank you for all you do.”
Jerry Mullens
Charlotte, NC
September 20, 2006

“Brian has been one of the most honest and trustworthy people I have met in a very long time. He gave us the opportunity to own a house while others would not. You will never know how much I appreciate it — Thanks Brian!”
Mary & Chris Dutton
Charlotte, NC
September 4, 2006

“Bagnall & Associates handled the financing for us and saved us time and money. Plus we were able to get a home of our own much quicker than if we had to go through another lender. Everything was great! Thanks for everything Brian!”
Simon McTaggart
Gastonia, NC
August 26, 2006

“Brian was very courteous, professional and helpful in all aspects of our home buying experience. We will recommend him highly to anyone interested in purchasing a home, and will use him again if we need another home in the future.”
Lance Mazmanian
Aurora, IL
August 11, 2006

“This letter is in response to your request for feedback on the service we received from Bagnall & Associates when we bought our home. We were happy and very pleased with the service and treatment we received. People at Bagnall & Associates were very accommodating and very pleasant to work with. The people we dealt with at Bagnall & Associates were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Bagnall & Associates allowed us to upgrade to a new home very quickly, with no hassles and the process was well explained. It was a delight to work with Bagnall & Associates. I would recommend Bagnall & Associates to my friends/family.”
Nick Gresh
Charlotte, NC
July 7, 2006

“This letter is in response to your request for feedback on the service we received from Bagnall & Associates when we bought our home. We were very satisfied with the service and treatment we received. You helped us get into our home as quick as possible. You were very honest about everything and let us know all the changes as soon as you could. The people we dealt with at Bagnall & Associates were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Things I liked about buying from Bagnall & Associates were that you allowed us to start our marriage and new family in our own home. You helped us get a good start on our soon to be new lives together. We couldn’t be any happier with the quickness. I would recommend Bagnall & Associates to my family/friends. Thank you so much for helping us into our new home.”
Greg Klein
Chicago, IL
June 19, 2006

“Brian made our experience in getting our home smooth and worry free. He answered all our questions. He was friendly and informative. We would definitely recommend him.”
Edward Quattrocchi
Forest Park, IL
June 10, 2006

“Dear Brian: You have been most gracious in this whole home purchase agreement for us. You certainly have gone out of your way to have made this whole move possible for us. We have been so happy to be here. The kids are adjusting well to school, and Alan loves the “long” drive to work each day. I have interviewed at St. Joseph’s at Lake St. Louis, but they do not have a full-time position available at this time. The commute to Aurora gets long, but I am getting used to it, I think. Anyway, we know that God has truly blessed us in allowing this move to have happened! We firmly believe that He placed you in the whole process because of your willingness to write the contract we have and your patience with us! So, we thank you for your great help, but we have also, many times, thanked God for you! Thank you, again, for your patience and help! You are truly appreciated!”
Benjamin & Mary Jefferson
Schaumburg, IL
May 13, 2006

“Me and my wife have had a good experience with Bagnall & Associates. We are a young married couple with three children. We have had things to overcome. One being a child custody case, and two being a new baby (our third child!). Bagnall & Associates has helped and has been like friends. They’ve even made it a point to know us by our first names.”
Ian Whitcombe
Charlotte, NC
April 22, 2006

“For us it was love at first sign. It was also a big change. It was clean, updated, new and had room for tools. I couldn’t believe that we were able to buy a home with no credit check. We couldn’t be more happy and thankful. We were lucky to have a friendly service behind us. Just think, it all came from one home.”
Alan & Joanne Juristovski
Belmont, NC
April 15, 2006

“Brian allowed us to buy our home without the traditional “huge” down payment. Thanks!”
Callie & Jim Overman
Charlotte, NC
March 8, 2006

“My experience with Bagnall & Associates has been most pleasant. Brian responded quickly to any questions or problems that have came up. As a single parent of two children, I have gained confidence in my future because I’ve been able to finally get into a house! Our lives have been much happier and it really does help to know that should I have any problems in the future, Bagnall & Associates will be a trusted partner in that endeavor. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy or sell!”
Mary Biren
Chicago, IL
February 3, 2006

“Just a note to say thank you for giving my wife and I the opportunity to do business with you for the purchase of your property at 209 W School St, Villa Park, IL 60181, the closing of which was done on December 31, 2005. We enjoyed our dealing with you, the promptness of your email responses, phone calls, your finance references, your creative investment guidance, the extra time you put into our personal needs and all. We feel our experience with you should not go unacknowledged. Not many Real Estate Investors would help their clients the way you did without some degree of self-interest playing its way into the picture. From day one, you determined our need and approached it with all seriousness and a sense of responsibility; you stayed in touch to your promise, answered all our questions of concerns, and saw the transaction through to the end to our satisfaction. We would love to seize this opportunity to complement the Bagnall & Associates for all your good works, you assistance surely gave the advantage needed to further succeed in the real estate business. Should you need any additional reference or recommendation, just be assured we’d be glad to offer it at anytime. As we promised, we have enclosed a letter of recommendation so you may use as you please for now. And we look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Again, thank you for everything. We look forward to hearing from you soon.”
OB Ajayi
Grace Ajayi
Villa Park, IL
December 31, 2005