Attention Frustrated Homeowners Who Want To Sell Their Homes But Can’t…

“Thousands Of People Who Never Thought They Could Are Now Selling Their Homes…Using The Proven, Inventive Method Revealed In This Amazing Ebook!”

And, with the huge amount of money they’re making from the sale of their house, they’re finally buying that home they’ve been dreaming about!

Dear Frustrated and Fed-Up Home Owner,

Let me ask you a question. How long has your house been on the market with no hope of being sold? And, if it’s not currently on the market, how many times have you put your house on the market only to find that there are absolutely no takers?

If you’re like a lot of home owners trying to sell their houses in today’s down trodden economy, the answer to my first question is probably, “too long” and the answer to my second question is probably, “too many”.

To say it’s a buyers market is probably the biggest understatement of the year. These days, desperate and frustrated home owners like you are letting their houses go at incredibly low prices; some even taking a loss just to get out from under the huge burden that selling a house in today’s economy has become.

In fact, when Standard and Poor’s released data about the prices of homes in the United States in 2008, here’s what it said. “As of December 2008, average home prices across the United States are at similar levels to what they were in the third quarter of 2003. From the peak in the second quarter of 2006, average home prices are down 26.7%.”

26.7%! That’s depressing to say the least.

But, you probably already know how bad the market is because you’ve tried, without success, to sell your home – probably more than once – and still aren’t able to get a fair price for it.

And the process you go through to get your home on the market and to try to get interested buyers to look at it is so mind numbing, it would easily give any home owner a head ache the first time around….let alone having to do it repeatedly if the house doesn’t sell the first time.

During this grueling, and often expensive, process you have to:

  • Find a real estate agent you trust
  • Agree to the commission rate they’ll charge if they sell your house
  • Sign the required paperwork that locks you into listing your house in the MLS for months on end regardless of whether or not anyone is interested in buying it
  • List the home and wait to see if there are any interested buyers
  • Rely on your agent’s marketing methods (which are probably so “old school” they won’t work in today’s marketplace) to promote your property and draw in interested buyers
  • Get your house ready to show
  • Show the house to tons of people who never end up even making a first offer
  • And do it all over again should you decide to try to sell it a second or, more likely, a third or fourth time

What a headache! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way to sell your house? A way that is guaranteed to get you out of your current house and into the house you’ve been wanting for years to buy?

Well, I have great news for you.

There IS A Better Way To Sell Your Home
And Get A Fair Price For It…
…Even In Today’s Falling Market!

My name is Jim Diamond and I’m a recently retired, successful, private real estate investor. My successes have been passed on to my students who wanted to learn to use all of my inventive strategies to sell their own properties for profit.

While teaching others to do what I had already done many times over – that is, use my innovative strategies to sell property AND make a nice profit for myself doing so – I quickly became known as a “Real Estate Investing Guru.” While teaching “How To Buy and Sell Properties for the Change in Your Pockets,” I help students in the US, Canada and Europe continue to invest in properties and then resell them for a notable profit.

The main difference between you and my previous students is that you’ve already made the original investment – your property. You’re the owner. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make a profit for yourself when you sell it.

Recently, I’ve discovered just how many home owners, like you, are in need of help selling their homes in today’s crumbling market and two things have become very clear to me:

First, there aren’t enough competent real estate investors to help everyone who needs help selling their home for profit.

Second, the majority of real estate agents are not even close to understanding how to sell in today’s market to the benefit of the home owner.

“Here’s why I did what I did to help frustrated, fed-up homeowners like you.”

Knowing these two things, I set out to find a way to teach my inventive property selling techniques to anyone who wanted to learn how to sell their home and make a profit for themselves.

I knew that meeting with home owners on an individual basis, I’d only be able to help one person at a time. So, I decided to write down everything I know and every strategy I’ve used over the years to sell property for a HUGE profit and put it all into an easy-to read, easy-to follow eBook.

And now, I’m making that eBook available to any homeowner who is willing to take the time to read it and learn the cutting-edge property selling techniques I’ve personally used to make myself millions of dollars of profit from selling property after property.

If this inventive method I’m using, and have taught to hundreds of students in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, can make me millions selling hundreds of properties, I know it will help YOU sell your house for an amount of money you never thought possible.

My new eBook, “What They Don’t Want You To Know About Selling Your Own House: Or, How To Sell Your House Even In Today’s Falling Market And Walk Away Happy” contains everything you’ll ever need to know about how to sell your house and actually make a profit doing so!

This book is 74 pages of proven-to-work advice from someone who’s been doing for decades what you’ve tried to do in the past without success – sell your home for a fair price that leaves you with money in the bank instead of leaving you wondering what went wrong.

True or false? Selling a property is incredibly difficult and should only be done by a professional who has a real estate license.

If you answered true, you’re very sadly mistaken. You see people, especially real estate agents, would like you to believe that the above statement is true – that selling your house isn’t something you’ll be able to do by yourself.

But, actually, quite the opposite is true and this eBook will erase ALL the myths you’ve been led to believe about how difficult the process of selling property is.

In it you’ll discover:

  • My guaranteed, proven method for selling your home AND making money on it – This inventive method is the same method I’ve used over the past few decades to net millions of dollars of profit from the properties I’ve sold and it’s the ONLY method that’s working for home owners in today’s crashing real estate market.
  • What real estate agents DON’T want you to know about selling your home on your own – Real estate agents know that as long as you’re kept in the dark and don’t know how to sell your home by yourself, they’ll keep taking home those BIG commission checks. But those commissions could be profit in your pocket and this eBook will teach you how to make that happen.
  • A step-by-step process to sell your property and I’ll give you detailed explanations about how profits, from true or inventive equity in each sale, will go directly to youYes, you can build equity into your property when selling your house with my inventive method. This eBook will show you how.
  • What an “inventive house seller” is and exactly how you can become one – I’ve taught thousands of people – some of whom are now professional real estate investors – my fool-proof method for selling their properties for profit and if you’ll let me, I know I can teach you too!

The method I present in this eBook will work for you. You will sell your house and you will make a substantial amount of profit for yourself.

All you have to do is read the eBook and follow the carefully laid out, step-by-step plan I’m giving you. Trust me. I’ve been using this exact method to sell hundreds of properties for decades. It works. It works well. And, it works in any kind of housing market – even the current downtrodden one we’re now caught smack in the middle of.

Let’s Face It – What You’re Doing Now And What You’ve Done In The Past Aren’t Working.

How do I know? Because if the methods you’ve used in the past, or what you’re doing right now, were selling your house for you, your house would already be sold and you wouldn’t be reading this.

It’s not your fault though. Before now, you didn’t know any better.

And, the truth is that the traditional methods of selling a house are simply out dated and aren’t very effective; especially in the crumbling state of the current housing market.

That’s why I wrote this eBook. I truly believe we’re each given a gift that we are supposed to share with the world and my gift is that I know how to sell property for profit. I want to share this knowledge with you so you can get out from under your current house and start the life you deserve in the house you’ve always dreamed of owning.

And when I tell you this eBook covers absolutely everything you need to know to put my inventive house-selling method to work for you, I’m not kidding. Take a look at what else you’ll discover when you read through the eBook:

Ø  The importance of setting goals – Discover why goal setting is the first step to the successful sale of your house.

Ø  Why market research is essential – You’ll learn how to properly research the housing market in your area and how to know when you’ve done enough research to properly price your property.

Ø  How to properly price your house – Learn how to “become the bank” so the buyer feels like this is a winning situation for him or her as well as you.

Ø  The most effective way to advertise your property – I’ll show you exactly what to include and NOT include in the ad so you grab the interest of prospective buyers and make them want to buy your house.

Ø  The do’s and don’ts of conducting an open house – There are definitely some things you will and will not want to do while you have prospective buyers roaming through your house deciding if they want to purchase it or not. I’ll tell you all of them so you can conduct a successful open house that leads to the property being sold.

Ø  All of the paperwork you’ll need to complete the process of selling your house yourself – I’ve included the actual documents you and the buyer will need to fill out once they agree to buy your house. Print them out, fill them in, file them, and you’re done!

Ø  And so much more!

“Okay, Jim, this sounds like exactly what I need. Now, how much are you going to charge me for access to your proven, inventive house selling method?”

Good question. That’s the best part of this whole thing. I’m going to give you immediate access – through a downloadable PDF file – to my eBook ”  which contains my proven, fool-proof, step-by-step, inventive method for selling your house by owner for profit in your pocket for….

….just $19.95! You read that correctly. Should you choose to give my method for selling property a chance, I’m going to let you in on everything I’ve learned in my many years as a real estate investor for under $20!

This Will Be One Of The Most Invaluable Tools You’ll Have To Help You Make Sure This Time Is The Last Time You Have To Put Your House On The Market!

This eBook and everything it offers home owners like you who are tired of trying unsuccessfully to sell their homes using the traditional methods we discussed earlier, will be an invaluable tool to helping you sell your house for the price you want, make a profit, and be on your way to moving in to the new home of your dreams.

All you have to do is buy my eBook for just $19.95.

And if, within 60 days of receiving your eBook, you decide it’s not everything I’ve promised you it would be, simply contact me. I’ll refund your money with no questions asked and you won’t be charged a dime.

You Really Only Have Two Choices…

It really comes down to only two choices:

1. Continue trying to sell your house in the same ways you’ve been trying and wait patiently; hoping and praying it sells.


2. Order my eBook, “What They Don’t Want You To Know About Selling Your Own House: Or, How To Sell Your House Even In Today’s Falling Market And Walk Away Happy”, follow the proven steps in it, and actually sell your house.

It’s up to you, but in all honesty, at just $19.95 for the eBook, it’s really NOT that difficult of a decision. You either really want to sell your house or you don’t. And if you do, I know I can help you do it – and you’ll walk away with money in your pocket too!

So, order my eBook for just $19.95 now and before you know it, you’ll be sitting down with the buyer to close on your house…

….and you’ll be getting a fair price for it and making some money in the process.

To Your House Selling Success,

Jim Diamond

P.S. You’ve been frustrated and stressed out long enough. Isn’t it time you finally sold your house, made some money doing it, and bought that home you’ve been dreaming of? I think it is. If you agree, order my eBook for just $19.95 now!