Seller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What if I don’t have much equity or I owe more than my house is worth?
No problem! With so many downsizing, rightsizing and job transfers, we work with many sellers that have no lived in their house long enough for it to appreciate. One guy had lived in his house less than 3 months when we bought it. This could be an expensive problem if you were selling your house by listing with a Realtor (the OLD way). You would most likely have to come up with thousands of dollars in cash to pay the Realtor and closing costs. OUCH!

What if my house is listed with a Realtor now?
If we both decide that it is mutually beneficial for us to purchase your property, we have the necessary paperwork to cancel the listing agreement with the Realtor without further obligation on your part to the Realtor.

What is my house needs work?
We’ll take care of any repairs that need to be done — at our expense. We’ll even take care of getting the house cleaned when you move out.

What if I’m behind on my payments?
The answer depends on how far you are behind on your payments and how much is owed. Usually we’re able to make up all or most of the back payments for you. Sometimes we’ll make up half and you make up half. Every case is different. Once we know more about your property we’ll be able to create a custom solution for your needs.

The important thing is to avoid foreclosure and we have several ways to do this.

What if I’m having a new house built and I don’t want to move until it’s finished?
Having a new house built is exciting but it can create so much uncertainty. Often there are delays caused by weather or other factors that are out of the builder’s control. This can make it impossible to guarantee a complete date for your new home. Thus, making it impossible for you to give your buyer a firm closing date. Frankly, we don’t know too many buyers that will buy without a firm move in date.

If you sell your current house and your new house isn’t finished, you would be forced to either move into an apartment or a hotel until your new home is complete. But that means two moves and added stress for the whole family. Not to mention the expense.

We are a flexible buyer and can work with you.

What if I live out of state? Will I have to come back for the closing?
If you live out of state, you do not have to come back for the closing. We can send you all of the closing documents by FedEx or UPS. You’ll need to take them to your back or a place where you can get your signature notarized.

What if I have tenants living in the house now?
If the tenants have a lease agreement in effect and they are making their payment on time, then we will honor it.

If the tenant does not have a lease agreement, then we will require them to go through our standard credit application procedures. They may be able to stay if their credit and payment history has been satisfactory.

If you have a problem tenant in the house, we will take care of eviction procedures — at our expense. No more landlord hassles for you!

Why Don’t I Just Advertise It “For Sale by Owner?”
People who’ve never tried to sell a house themselves just don’t seem to understand all that’s involved: the details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring, having strangers walking through your bedroom. Strangers that feel obligated to pick apart the most trivial features of your interior decorating tastes. People that act interested, who will smile, nod and act serious, but never call back. Dreamers who really want the house, but can’t afford the price, or cannot get financing.

It can be a much bigger hassle than you ever thought possible… In fact, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare; you buy your sign, you place your ad, and you show your house. Then, you wait. You call back the lookers and leaves messages on their answering machines. Maybe you actually get a live one, and write up an agreement.

Several weeks pass. You starts thinking something’s going wrong. You finally reach your “buyer” on the phone 3 weeks later and they nonchalantly say, “Oh, well we’ve decided not to buy the house after all, sorry.” You’re back at the beginning with no buyer and another mortgage payment due in 5 days. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence experienced by homeowners trying to sell their houses themselves.

Why don’t I just list with a Realtor?
For many homeowners, trying to sell your house the old fashioned way by listing with a Realtor and waiting 3-6 months for a buyer just isn’t an option.

Generally, a normal buyer also takes an additional 45-60 days to obtain financing from a bank after agreeing to purchase your home.

A Realtors commission ranges from 5% to 7% (average 6%).

Wouldn’t you want to deal with someone who wants to sell your house not someone that wants to list your house to hopefully be sold. There are no guarantees with a Realtor.

How do I know I can trust you?
We can understand your concern. We’ll meet face-to-face after you call. You’ll find we don’t make empty promises, no B.S., we shoot straight and we know this business. This meeting also gives you a chance to ask any questions that you might have. We believe we can create a solution that will work for the both of us. If not, or you’re not comfortable after we meet, we’ll shake hands and go our separate ways. Honestly, we view our business relationship more personally than just handling a house…we want you to be confident. In fact, we wouldn’t enter an agreement with anyone if we weren’t confident in that person…and we don’t expect any less from you. We’re willing to devote our time and resources to your house, but only if you feel comfortable with that arrangement.

Real Estate Investors…Are they for real?
What’s the first impression when people read about real estate investors? “They just want to steal your house”… “You won’t get any money if you sell to them”… “You must have to be desperate”… “There must be a catch.”

It’s really no mystery. Sure most investors, including me, are in the business to make a profit…but…that doesn’t always mean getting a deeply discounted price on a house. In fact, I can pay up to full retail price. That’s a surprise to most people.

So how much can I pay for your house? That depends on several factors. Does the house need work? Where’s the house located? How much can the home be rented for?

Based on the answers to questions like these, I will carefully plan what to do with your house after I buy it. This always includes adding value…like fixing it up if needed, making improvements, changing the use, or packaging the house with attractive financing. I get compensated by adding immediate value, long term appreciation, rental income, interest income and tax benefits.

Surprising though it may sound, many people find that they are able to get their house sold more quickly, and for a better price, by working with an investor instead of a Realtor. When we come to an agreement on the price of the house, you can move on the date of your choice, whether it’s tomorrow or 6 months in the future. Your worries about when the house will sell will be lifted… and you’ll be free to put your time and energy to better use.

Still sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. If this a scam? Definitely not.

There’s no way we can cover every possible question you might have right here. Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.