Free Phone Consultation

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Get a no-holds barred 15 minute phone consultation ($175 value) with the Real Estate Info Expert!  Learn how to beat the selling process and GET YOUR HOUSE SOLD TODAY!

You can use the phone consultation to:

  • Get expert tips on how to sell your house as quickly as possible.
  • Learn all the available methods of selling your house that are available to you… knowledge is power.
  • Learn what options would be best for you given the information that you will supply on the next page… The information needed is a bit long, but it’s necessary.
  • Get referrals to other resources that are specific to your situation.
  • Just have someone to talk to about anything… However you use the time is up to you… I’m here to help.

Now… to redeem the special bonus… I need some information about you, your situation and your property.  I only use this information so that we can make your call as productive as possible.  All of the information you provide will be kept completely confidential.  I review the information that you will supply on the next page BEFORE our call so that I don’t waste any portion of the valuable 15 minutes getting caught up to speed on your situation.

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So what exactly do you get?  Well, this bonus is worth over $175!  That’s right.  I charge $725 an hour for consulting and my available time is generally booked weeks in advance and I’m giving you a 15 minute block of it for free!  Now, 15 minutes might not seem like a lot of time, but with a well-organized and prepared agenda, you can accomplish much in a short period of time.  I recommend that you write down everything you want to cover (questions, problems, etc.) in advance.  I’ve been in the real estate liquidation business for a long time and you get to sop up all the information that you can get in 15 minutes… make it count!

Now, this is no way an attempt to string the 15-minute free portion along to get you to pay for more consulting time.  In fact, once we hit the 15 minute mark, I have to end the call because somebody else will be waiting for their free session.  So it will be a no-holds barred session!

Act Now: Last year I had to stop the offer within 72 hours because my schedule was booked solid with telephone appointments for the next 6 weeks!  So don’t expect this offer to stick around for long…

I WANT IT!  Get my FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation with Brian Bagnall worth more than $175 NOW!

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