Testimonials from Happy Sellers

“Thank you for buying my house. If you hadn’t come along, I would have had a really hard time getting the house sold. My tenant was not paying enough to cover the mortgage and I really needed to get out from under the responsibility. So again, thank you so much.”
Farrell Till
Charlotte, NC
February 16, 2007

“We wanted to move back to Florida to be with our family. We didn’t have much equity and couldn’t see how we could get our house sold. Your buying our house made it possible for us to move when we wanted to without any worries and made the whole experience stress-free. Thank you. Thank you.”
Ken Nahigan
Concord, NC
February 10, 2007

“The Air Force was sending me to Germany and I didn’t want the trouble of waiting for my house to sell. Brian, you impressed me as being very knowledgeable and professional. I didn’t have to spend a penny to close on the sale of my house and now I don’t have to worry or even look back. Thanks guys!”
Kendall Hobbs
Fayetteville, NC
February 2, 2007

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your help and patience during my bankruptcy. You were able to pay me a fair price and were able to close quickly to avoid foreclosure. Thanks!”
Vincent Runyon
Chicago, IL
January 28, 2007

“I thought my property was gone when someone bought it at tax sale but they explained I still has time to sell it… They told me everything they were going to do to clear the tax lien up and buy the property. I didn’t have to do anything except sign a few papers and get my money! If I had known it would be so easy to clear the problems up and sell it to them, I would have done it right away.”
Kim Walker
Skokie, IL
January 21, 2007

“Thank you for helping me stop my foreclosure and saving my credit. You guys are true professionals.”
MaryAnn Greaves
Charlotte, NC
January 18, 2007

“Thanks for helping us get a quick and fair sale so we could downsize and use our money to invest elsewhere.”
Richard Carrier
Charlotte, NC
January 11, 2007

“I inherited a house from my mother, which needed a lot of work. Brian not only bought the house in 30 days, but after the close he worked with us (for no charge), to get an additional $10,000 cash to us. This was $10,000 more than we expected. I would definitely recommend Bagnall & Associates to anyone.”
Edward Tabash
Chicago, IL
January 4, 2007

“Thank you for giving me hope and peace of mind. I was able to sell my house fast and move on from my divorce.”
Stephen Simon
Evanston, IL
December 27, 2006

“I needed to move back home with my family and thanks to you I was able to move within 10 days with cash in my pocket.”
Mark Matuso
Matthews, NC
December 18, 2006

“I could no longer keep up with my house. Thanks for cashing me out.”
Kristen Halvorsen
Chicago, IL
December 8, 2006

“I am writing to thank you for Bagnall & Associates and your willingness to buy my home despite the work that it required and my inability to make the payments. You saved me from embarrassment and agony of foreclosure and provided me and my daughter with the opportunity for a new start. I was amazed and truly grateful for how easy the process has been. I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I can never than you enough. You were truly the answer to my prayers. I will forever be grateful to you and Bagnall & Associates. Thank you so much. May God richly bless you.”
Deborah Reddings
Elmwood Park, IL
December 1, 2006

“Bagnall & Associates is a company of honesty and integrity. They did exactly what they said they would do and in the time frame they said they would do it. Thanks Cash Now Team for being so honest and solving my problem so quickly. And I got one!”
Alice Johnson
Belmont, NC
November 26, 2006

“I was so such and tired of my tenant problems and my run-down rental property. Not only did Bagnall & Associates not require me do any repairs or clean up, they even helped me get rid of an awful tenant that I was tired of dealing with. Thanks Bagnall & Associates for being there when I needed you.”
Cynthia Monroe
Charlotte, NC
November 15, 2006

“Selling the old family house was only possible because Bagnall & Associates was able to locate my brother who we had not seen in years. The house was sold and we got some money we thought we would never see. Thanks Bagnall & Associates for doing what it takes to get the job done.”
Harold Smith
Charlotte, NC
November 9, 2006

“It was just a couple of weeks away before my house was to be foreclosed on. I knew I was going to lose my house but I did not want a foreclosure on my credit record. Bagnall & Associates saved the day by coming in and buying my house before the foreclosure took place. I now look forward to purchasing another home in a few months when I get back on my feet and I will be able to do that thanks to Bagnall & Associates.”
Rebecca Griffith
River Grove, IL
November 2, 2006

“Dear Brian… I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave me and my kids for getting us out of foreclosure. After my husband left us high and dry, we couldn’t afford to make our payments any longer. I was just barely making enough to make the car payment, gas and feed my children. I did not know how I was going to get out of the deep hole we had gotten into. We were so many payments behind on our mortgage and it even had a loan balance greater than what the house was worth because of needing so many repairs. With your help, we were able to get the foreclosure stopped, walk away from that horrible situation, and even get cash just as you promised! You did everything you said you would do and more. You gave me my life back! Thank you so much!”
Robin Hendler
Round Lake Park, IL
October 26, 2006

“We had already contracted to buy another home. Since we weren’t closing for a few months we though we had some time. So first we were stubborn and tried to sell our home by owner. We like most people thought we would be smart and save the Realtor commission. (what a HUGE mistake!) Then after that frustration we caved in and listed it with a Realtor. After 90 days on the market still no results. We had a few showings but I honestly think they were showing our house just to compare it to others and get them to buy a more expensive home. After all, there are only a few thousand homes listed in the MLS but we really thought we had our house priced to sell! We also found that we had the house way over priced based on the Realtor recommendation. You showed us more than 10 comparable homes that sold in our same subdivision recently that sold for much less than what the Realtor told us what we could get for our house. No wonder we couldn’t get a decent offer! Is that how they try to boost their commission? I guess we just got lost in that big black hole called the MLS. Then we got one of your “We Buy Houses” yellow postcards. We had heard about outfits like yours and seen the late night infomercials, but we really didn’t think you guys were legitimate and that we could benefit from using a service like yours even if you were. We thought companies like yours were only for people in bankruptcy or something like that. What we found out what was that you really could offer us a fair price for the house and get us out from having to make 2 mortgage payments. What was interesting was how you showed us that we didn’t even need all the cash up front from the sale of this house to close on our new home, and in the long run with the creative strategy you worked out, our payments on the new house would be even less!!! And best of all, we closed in days rather than weeks or months! What a relief to have this monkey off our back… Thanks again. You guys are incredible! We will recommend you to everyone we know!”
Susan Chen
Schaumburg, IL
October 15, 2006

“We had signed a contract to purchase a new house in Round Lake with a closing date of early August. In March I listed our townhouse with a Realtor I had met at a real estate seminar I attended. I decided to list with him because he charged a lower commission than the other Realtors I had talked to. When he listed my house on the MLS I felt the price he was asking was too high, but never having done this before I went along with it. Well, as you might expect I got very little response and no offers from the few people that actually came to the house. On top of that my Realtor showed very little interest in actively marketing my house!! After three months with no offers I decided to try selling the house myself. I spent close to a thousand dollars on a web based “For Sale By Owner” as, but once again got very little response. By now I was only weeks away from my closing date and the very real possibility I would lose my new house and the money I had put down on it. Then I saw your ad in the newspaper and decided to call. You came out to see the house immediately and made me an offer that would allow me to close on the new place, while you took over the payments on my current house. Without your help I would not be in my new home now. Thank you, Brian, you really came through for me.”
Robert Daconta
Round Lake, IL
October 4, 2006

“When I received a job transfer to another state we were only in our home less than a year. We did not have time to hire a realtor to sell the home for which we had very little equity in. Bagnall & Associates found a buyer for our home and took over our mortgage and have continued to make payments on the home. They really helped us a great deal by lifting the burden of trying to sell, straightforward and offered us the best option given our circumstances. Thank you Brian!”
Janice Vatant
Charlotte, NC
October 2, 2006

“I inherited an old house from my parents but it had some liens that I though would keep me from being able to ever sell it. Bagnall & Associates and their Title Company had to do a lot of work but we got it sold. I want to say a big THANK YOU to Bagnall & Associates for going the extra mile to help me out of a bad situation.”
Norma Fowler
Charlotte, NC
September 23, 2006

“The Bagnall & Associates people made us a cash offer on the day we called them and we had out cash in just a few days! Thanks Bagnall & Associates for being there when we needed you. Thank you.”
Rene Fogerty
Matthews, NC
September 14, 2006

“We thank the Lord for sending you to us. Our situation seemed hopeless until your company came along. Your services are priceless!”
Fred Goodger
Chicago, IL
September 6, 2006

“Thanks for all your help, flexibility, and professionalism. You did everything that you said you would do. It was a pleasure dealing with your company.”
Jack Berkowitz
Aurora, IL
September 1, 2006

“Thank you for being there when we needed help! You took care of our situation promptly and painlessly! We will definitely refer your company to anyone we know.”
Hanna Poikolainen
Charlotte, NC
October 19, 2006

“This was so easy – it was “scary!” Obviously, selling does not have to be the hassle it is. Yes, there was a compromise, but when there are priorities, the time-saving is worth it. The very idea of vacating my home for house and days to show a prospective buyer is not a welcoming thought. The abstract”ness” of what you have done was soooo appealing to me – I am happy the advertisement was true. At first the ad said you could buy in 7 days, but online, the timeframe was 9 days. I believe our time frame was about 10 days (not bad considering escrow and low interest rates). I am thankful to you and your company for the swift and thorough progression in our transaction. May God Forever Bless You and each of your partners and contacts. May you continue being a blessing to those of us who need your help without all the hassles. If I have the opportunity to refer you, believe me, I will!!! I also will consider contacting you if and/or when I return to Illinois. Thank you, again!”
Ida Rosenberg
Cooperstown, NY
October 1, 2006

“I’d Like to express my thanks and appreciation for your guidance and mentorship through our recently concluded real estate transaction. As a seller, it was indeed a pleasure to have your help through the entire transaction process. (I’ll have to conclude that the buyers felt the same as well!) Your communication was always timely and accurate, and your handling of all the parties involved was never less than cordial and professional. Moreover, the entire process followed a path that was virtually identical to what you predicted. It is this last trait that makes me sincerely happy to recommend your services to anyone who might inquire. To that end, I’ve enclosed my business card, and would welcome the chance to speak with any of your prospective (or current) clients. Best regards, and thanks again.”
Bob Hatch
Charlotte, NC
September 18, 2006

“I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you and Bagnall & Associates for all your help. I also wanted to give you something that you could share with others who need to sell their house fast. When I first contacted you, I was unable to work because of my illness and I was behind on my payments on my rent house and I couldn’t afford to fit it up to sell. I didn’t want the bank to take it and I didn’t know what I was going to do. You not only handled all the issues with the title company and bought my house, as-is, but you helped me negotiate with my other creditors to get those debts paid off as well. I am so glad to have these problems behind me, and I’m so glad I called you and Bagnall & Associates.”
Estella Corley
Gastonia, NC
September 15, 2006

“Thanks again for all of your help with our financial situation. When a family illness changed our household income, my wife and I found ourselves unable to afford our mortgage payments anymore. We found it almost impossible to make the payments, but we didn’t want to ruin our credit and we couldn’t afford to sell with a realtor. Bagnall & Associates helped us almost immediately. You negotiated with our mortgage company, and began making our payments as soon as we moved out. Anytime there were problems to straighten out, you took care of them fast, and I appreciate that. Thanks also for taking care of our car! I never thought that when I called Bagnall & Associates, that you’d be able to help us with that as well. You guys have really made a difference in our life.”
Diane Falcon
Charlotte, NC
September 2, 2006

“We want to thank you for buying our house a 3434 Pontiac Place, Rockford, IL. Brian bought our houses “as is” at a fair price and closed in 9 days. They gave us a check at closing for $10,000 to buy our next home! They paid all the closing costs including our sold property taxes and took over the payments of our existing mortgage. It was a please doing business with Brian.”
Harriet Fiegel
Rockford, IL
August 23, 2006

“You bought our house “as is,” paid us all cash & closed in 21 days. You took care of all the paperwork and make it very easy for us to sell our house. We are very, very satisfied with your service and will highly recommend you to our friends. Thanks.”
Mario and Maria Ordaz
Concord, NC
August 15, 2006

“I feel great about working with Brian to get my home from foreclosure. I recommend working with them to my friends that might need their work.”
Theoatis L. Bleosoe
Elgin, Illinois
August 9, 2006

“Brian was a good person he helped us sell our house. He bought our house in two weeks. I was happy they helped us. We were having problems paying our house. I will tell other people or friends about Brian and how he helped me.”
Jose Menchaca
Charlotte, NC
August 4, 2006

“We are very pleased with Brian Bagnall. Thank you for helping us out of this problem.”
Jose Chavez
Aurora, Illinois
July 21, 2006

“In August 2004 I began to have some financial difficulties. I was told that my home was going into foreclosure. I knew that a foreclosure on my credit would make it impossible to buy a home in the future. As painful as the thought of losing my home in this way was, it would have been more painful if the bank had taken it. One phone call to Bagnall & Associates and I was able to sleep at night. They started the process right away and the relief cannot be put into words. Thank you, Bagnall & Associates, for giving me the opportunity to get a fresh start and for making the process as smooth as possible!”
Charles Schrader
Charlotte, NC
July 14, 2006

“After working with a Realtor for a few months, my husband and I realized we were not going to be able to make the money on our home we had anticipated. The cost of commissions was too hefty and would take the majority of the profit on our home. Also, with a family of 3 active boys the idea of having my home “ready for show” at any given moment was not very appealing to me. A friend of mine referred me to Bagnall & Associates–she knew the owner and vouched for their honesty and integrity. We spoke with Brian and immediately felt this was the right path for us to take in selling our home. My husband and Brian quickly came to an agreement on the purchase price of our home. All matters were handled efficiently, professionally and most important to me, ethically. I have since recommended Bagnall & Associates to friends and co-workers and urge you to contact them to learn how they can make the process of buying or selling a home quick and painless.”
Janet Saarela
Concord, NC
July 3, 2006

“I owned a rental property in Chicago for nearly 20 years. I felt bad asking my tenant of 20 years to vacate. So the guys at Bagnall & Associates gave me the option of selling the property to them with the tenant in place. So I did, and thankfully so. I received a very fair cash offer the very same day and accepted it. Thank you for being so creative, professional and understanding. You guys are great!”
Paul Cowles
Chicago, IL
June 17, 2006

“Our home has been listed with a Realtor for three months. We had several showings, which resulted in a great deal of inconvenience, especially since we were in the middle of packing in anticipation of moving into our new home. Our Realtor encouraged us to lower our asking price, which we did, twice. It was amazing! Less than 36 hours after I called we were at the closing table. You were incredibly patient and helpful in explaining how the process works. You came quickly to our rescue. We were in desperate need to sell our home fast. You bailed us out and assisted us with the utmost respect and kindness through the entire process. Thanks to you we got the cash needed from the sale of our home and now we’re able to purchase our new dream home. Thank you so much on behalf of my family and I.”
Lew Tucker
Charlotte, NC
June 6, 2006

“You worked the details out for us and were very pleasant and accommodating with the sale of my home and the paperwork, as well as just communicating with me. I will recommend you to anyone who needs to sell their home quickly or hassle-free.”
Robert Coyne
Gastonia, NC
May 24, 2006

“The transaction went effortlessly. You company was straightforward and professional in your dealings with us. This would serve as a recommendation to prospective customers.”
Mark Vuletic
Charlotte, NC
May 13, 2006

“At a time when the housing market seemed to come to a halt, we discovered a way out from under our house we had been trying to sell for many months. Thought we are just in the early stage of our relationship, you have been very straightforward and prompt in answering all our concerns and questions.”
Eric Tallberg
Chicago, IL
May 10, 2006

“You were very professional and thorough. You took the time to explain the details we did not understand. We were saved from foreclosure.”
Ken Daniels
Concord, NC
May 1, 2006

“I’d like to express my thanks and appreciation for your guidance and mentorship through our recently concluded real estate transaction.”
Raymond Bradley
Gastonia, NC
April 27, 2006

“As a seller, it was indeed a pleasure to have your help through the entire transaction. Your communication was always timely an accurate, and your handling of all the parties involved was never less than courteous and professional. The entire process followed a path that was virtually identical to what you predicated. Which makes me sincerely happy to recommend your services to anyone who might inquire.”
Robert Price
Elk Grove Village, IL
April 19, 2006

“My Mom and Dad died a short time ago and I was the Executer of their estate. It was a long, exhausting process and one of the last things left to do was to sell their properties. A few hours after I decided to sell the home, I had an all cash offer from Bagnall & Associates. We closed escrow quickly, and the estate settled sooner than anticipated. If I have to sell a property again, I will contact you.”
Robby Berry
Monroe, NC
April 15, 2006

“I live in Southern California and own a condominium in Chicago, Illinois that I had been renting to the same person for 9 years. The tenant informed me he was moving. I didn’t want to deal with finding another tenant, so I contacted a gentleman from Bagnall & Associates, we agreed on a price within a few days. I didn’t have to repair or renovate anything. I received only a few dollars less than I was asking!”
Thomas Brod
Chicago, IL
April 6, 2006

“We don’t know what we would have done without your self. We surely would have lost our home to foreclosure…Thanks so very much!”
Cody Siekawitch
Crystal Lake, IL
March 28, 2006

“I just wanted to say that this has been the smoothest real estate transaction I have ever been involved in. I wish I could have sold you my last home. thanks for making it so easy.”
Robert Evergreen
Chicago, IL
March 23, 2006

“Thanks for helping us get a quick and fair sale so we could get moved. When my husband was transferred, I didn’t think we would be able to sell the house so fast. We’re glad we called. Thanks again.”
Diane Robertson
Rock Hill, NC
March 14, 2006

“You guys are great. I called you on a Saturday and I got a check on Thursday. I told everybody I know to call you first.”
Rex Hinlo
Charlotte, NC
March 3, 2006

We were so pleased. Everything went just like you said. We just couldn’t wait another 6 months again for our place to sell. You’re a lifesaver!”
Jose Correa
Charlotte, NC
February 23, 2006

“I would like to thank Bagnall & Associates for reliving me of my burden of over $1000 house payments a month, with very little time and foreclosure very close, they saved my credit as well as my mental state. Thank you again!”
Jake Endrick
Mount Holly, NC
February 13, 2006

“They [Bagnall & Associates] saved me money and saved my credit!”
Charles Chrencik
Chicago, IL
February 8, 2006

“We were trying to sell our home with no luck. Due to our company relocating us, we were in a bind. We called Bagnall & Associates. They showed us how we could move quickly without having to worry about our property in Chicago or making double payments. They explained everything clearly. I cannot think of anything they could have done better. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to get their house sold for a fair price!”
Drew McCarsky
Los Angeles, CA
January 26, 2006

“In June of 2005, I found myself on the verge of a foreclosure due to a difficult divorce. I needed to sell my house quickly or face losing it and ruining my credit because of a foreclosure. My ex-husband saw an ad in the Charlotte Observer that read, “I Buy Houses!” My husband called the number and reached Bagnall & Associates. After talking with both of us on the phone, Brian came out to our house to look it over and go over my options. We signed a sales contract on January 15, 2006. They were able to close the transaction quickly in order to avoid my foreclosure. They bought my house subject to the existing mortgage and brought funds to closing to cure our default. Since then they have made all of our monthly payments on time and so have greatly improved my credit rating. Recently, they just paid the loan off in full. Throughout the transaction, they have been professional and courteous. They have done everything they said they would do! I am extremely grateful for their intervention into our situation. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to get their home sold quickly.”
Chris Perth
Charlotte, NC
January 22, 2006

“We are so glad that Bagnall & Associates came into our lives. We had owned a rental property in Chicago, Illinois for several years after moving to Georgia. Managing a property long distance proved to be difficult to say the least. We were losing hundreds of dollars per month, as out rent payment was much less than the mortgage we had on the house. To make matters worse, our tenant had not kept the property in good condition. We could not afford to keep losing money on the house, yet we didn’t know how we could possibly sell it in its present condition. When we heard about Bagnall & Associates, we immediately called. After talking to Brian on the phone, we felt comfortable letting him go see the property. He worked with out tenant to arrange to see the inside of the house, since we were in Georgia and the house was in Illinois. Win not only looked at the house, but also took pictures of it so we could see first-hand the damage our tenants had done. Via the phone and FedEx, we were able to sign a contract and close the deal in just a few days. They paid all the closing costs and purchased the home subject to the existing mortgage. They even bought the house as-is and handled all the fix-ups and clean up themselves. They also took care of getting our tenant out of the house. Since then, they have made all of our loan payments on time (usually very early too!) and even improved our credit rating in the process. Throughout the transaction they have been professional and courteous. They have done what they said they would do. We are extremely grateful for their intervention into our situation. We would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to get their home sold quickly.”
Rob Davies
Atlanta, GA
January 4, 2006

“We just closed on the sale of our home with Bagnall & Associates and would like to express our gratitude and satisfaction with the services they provided. Because of a career change, we moved away from Illinois a few months ago, leaving our home empty and unsold. We had hoped to sell our home through a Realtor, but after several months on the market without an offer, the psychological burden of wondering what would happen with our home began to overwhelm us. Bagnall & Associates really was the answer to our prayers. A family friend recommended Bagnall & Associates to us several months earlier. We had Bagnall & Associates excluded from our listing agreement with the Realtor. Brian gave us a fair offer on the home, which, to our surprise, was very close to what we could have realized on the sale of our home through our Realtor. We took Brian’s offer and are glad we did. Brian was very easy to work with. A straight shooter, he gave us honest answers to our questions. He always returned telephone calls, kept his promises, and maintained an easy-going attitude during negotiations.”
Edward Matthews
Carpentersville, IL
December 28, 2005

“I would recommend Bagnall & Associates to anyone in our situation.”
Larry Leners
Harrisburg, NC
December 20, 2005

“Bagnall & Associates was a pleasure to deal with. Brian got me everything I asked and we closed in two weeks. I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone who needs to sell a house.”
Scott Brown
Rock Hill, SC
December 16, 2005

“You are my champion, Brian. Thanks so much for taking care of us. You have really looked out for us, far beyond the call of duty.”
Charlie Gilmer
Charlotte, NC
December 10, 2005

“Thank you so much for making it possible to go with my husband when he got transferred. I really didn’t want to stay behind with the children to sell the house. Realtors told us it could take up to six months to get it sold… It was so fast and so easy for us when you bought the house and we all moved within a week. You did exactly what you said you would… So thanks again Bagnall & Associates.”
Dave Harwood
Concord, NC
December 2, 2005

“Dealing with you folks at Bagnall & Associates was wonderful. I listed my house with a Realtor for over a year and had no success. You made the whole process of selling simple. I didn’t have to make any repairs or pay any closing costs, and I was able to protect my credit…”
Jesse Honn
Chicago, IL
November 23, 2005

“I was at a very troubled time in my life. I was at roots end trying to handle my debts and sell my house. Thank to you I got my house sold within a few weeks and got rid of a lot of stress. Thank you so much Brian. You don’t know how much you have meant to me.”
Rodney & Saidah Woods
Chicago, IL
November 15, 2005

“My divorce really messed me up. I had bills coming at me from every direction and I was sure I didn’t have the money to fix up my house for sale. When you bought my house it was such a big relief. You have made it possible for me to move on with my life.”
Tom Vaught
Charlotte, NC
November 11, 2005

“We had just gone through a bankruptcy and couldn’t find work so we really needed to get rid of the house. We were able to move and Brian took care of everything for us. He is a super person to work with. He surely doesn’t beat around the bush on anything and he delivers on his promises.”
John Maddox
Concord, NC
November 2, 2005

“As I told you when I called on my birthday, you are my guardian angel. We were two months behind in our mortgage payments and needed to move out of state for health reasons. Bagnall & Associates handled all the details. You gave me my best birthday present. You saved us from foreclosure.”
Bruce Ente
Chicago, IL
October 16, 2005

“We were treated very fairly in our dealings with Brian Bagnall. They were flexible, accessible and completed all business in a con-confrontational manner. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking at selling their or land!”
Sue & Marvin Franklin
Charlotte, NC
October 3, 2005

“Brian–Everything went well! After the experience we had with the real estate agent and seller 1 month earlier, we feel lucky to have had the pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for everything!”
Robert Rizzo
Charlotte, NC
September 22, 2005

“Brian – Just wanted to thank you again for all your help. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone like you. It’s so rare these days to find a person who still does business on their “word.” It’s people like you who keep my faith in mankind alive. Thank you so much! Your kindness will always be remembered.”
David Thurston
Chicago, IL
September 19, 2005

“I was about to lose the house but they found a way to make things OK and they fixed all the problems. They did what they said they would do and gave me the time and money to move out and get on with my life. My family and I are very happy we called them. They were truthful and fair, and really helped us out!”
Dennis Crawford
Charlotte, NC
August 26, 2005