Silver Package

Silver Package

Our beginner package is tailored to suit the needs of small businesses that are yet to get their online marketing campaign started or have made very little progress in getting their business ranked in the search engines for their buyer keywords.

With this package we will do the following:

1. Professional Keyword Research – We will research the keywords using our tools and industry knowledge that best fit your business so you can ensure that this campaign will be profitable for your business.

2. Report on Website Changes – Needed for Proper SEO – Just minor tweaks to your website can make a huge difference in your business, and ensuring your website is designed properly for the search engines will benefit you from now and well into the future.

3. Writing One 500-Word SEO-Optimized Article – Content is key online and we will write one SEO-optimized article related to your business niche.

4. Squidoo Lens Creation Based on Targeted Buyer Keyword – We will professionally create a Squidoo page for you that fits your targeted buyer keyword.

5. HubPage Creation Based on Targeted Buyer Keyword – We will professionally create a HubPage for you that fits your targeted buyer keyword.

6. Article Converted to Podcast – The article we write for you is then turned into a podcast by having the text read by a professional voice and recorded. The resulting file is instantly used for creating a podcast online.

7. Podcast Audio Converted to Video – The podcast audio file is converted to a video with the background of the video being PowerPoint slides with content from your article. The audio is synced with the PowerPoint slides and a link to your website is featured in the video. This professional video really helps increase your credibility with your market.

8. Submission of Video Online – Your video is submitted to over 20 online video hosting websites such as YouTube. Video hosting websites are some of the most highly visited websites online today.

9. Submission of Website-to-RSS-Feed Directories – Your site is submitted to over 50 RSS feed directories, and if you don’t have an RSS feed yet, one will be created for you.

10. Submission to Social Bookmarking Websites – Social Bookmarking websites are also some of the more popular websites online and leveraging their power can mean hoards of new visitors and new backlinks to your website. Your site is submitted to over 30 social bookmarking websites.

11. Submission of audio-to-Podcast Directories – Your site is submitted to over 9 quality podcast directories as well.

12. Write Press Release on Your Business – We will write a professional and well-positioned press release on your business. This release will target your business and main keywords to maximize the effectiveness.

13. Press Release Submitted – The press release is submitted to 50+ online PR websites to maximize your traffic opportunities.

14. Web Directory Submissions – Your website is submitted to a special list of over 100 online directories.

15. Article Submission – Your article is also submitted to over 100 article directories online to substantially maximize traffic to your website.

16. Competitive and Market Position Research – We will research your local competitors on a regular basis to ensure that we are staying ahead of their efforts and to make sure you keep dominating your niche.

17. Landing Pages – Creation and ongoing optimization of campaign specific landing pages to ensure the highest conversion rate.

18. Web site Traffic and Conversion Metrics – We will provide you with a detailed report of unique visitors, inbound links, sample search rankings and number of conversions (leads and/or sales).

After carrying out all of these tasks we would expect to have your site ranking at the top of the search engines for many of your targeted buyer keywords.

Your first month of service will not officially start until you are ranking in the top 10 of the major search engines for at least 3 of your most targeted key-phrases.

If, after your first month of “official” service, you have not added a minimum of $10,000 in additional sales, we will refund your first month’s fee in full.  You must notify us within 7 days of the end of your first “official” month of service.  Nobody has ever taken us up on this guarantee yet as we always manage to produce positive results from the get go.

If you are looking to get your business off the ground and are ready to handle a herd of extra business each month, then don’t delay, sign up today…